Throwback Thursday! That time I did this to Oprah.
Throwback Thursday! That time I did this to Oprah.
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Lost behind the scenes footage from Saturday Night Glee-ver

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Hello Tumblr.  I just got back from the World Series Game 4.  It was a very cool experience.  Got to capture things in a new way also with this new camera attachment for my iPhone.  It’s called a Go Pro.  It records video in 360 degrees so when you play it back, you can move it left and right to view it as if you were there.  Nifty huh?  If your on the computer, just use the mouse or the directional pad to look as if you are just turning your head.  More vids to come with my new toy. 

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Glee Live Candid Pics

From the talented photographer Steven Taylor after spending a week with us on tour.  And yes, that suitcase was comfortable…


In honor of the Glee 3D movie premiering this week I thought I’d post a couple pics from the tour. These three are backstage at the London O2 Arena where the cast broke almost every record playing 7 sold out shows in a row. I got the privilege of hanging with them for about a week and seriously had a blast. Definitely see this movie when you can! 


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